Community Crisis Stabilization (CCS)

How does a stay in CCS Help?

All clients admitted to CCS are seen by a psychiatrist. Clients also meet with a social worker on a daily basis. Groups are provided to include psycho-education, symptom management, coping strategies, stress relief, etc. Contact is made with all existing providers, agencies and organizations involved in the treatment of the client. Family or significant other meetings are often facilitated to assist clients with a smooth transition back to the community. Our work on the unit is short-term problem focused designed to relieve the acute symptomatology present and return the client to the community as soon as possible.

What is the average length of stay?

The average length of stay in CCS is three to five days. The unit is not locked. Admission is voluntary. We accommodate clients who, in the past, would have been put on an inpatient unit due to the need for immediate medication evaluations or enhanced support to deal with current stressors.

How is Community Crisis Stabilization staffed?

Our staffing pattern consists of:

  • 24-hour nursing availability
  • A full-time social worker (Monday – Friday)
  • Cross over social workers from our Emergency Services (24/7, as needed)
  • A mental health assistant (7:00 am – 11:00 pm, seven days a week)

Psychiatry is scheduled on the unit for three hours per day to address the needs of our clients. A multi-disciplinary team meeting occurs every week day to discuss issues related to each case on the unit. All clients leave the unit with appointments for out patient providers in the community.

Contact Information

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