Quality, Evaluation and Services

Child & Family Services is one of the largest Mental Health Providers in Southeastern Massachusetts.

We have over 20 different programs that offer a variety of Mental Health, Emergency Services and Counseling Programs at over 11 sites throughout the state serving over 20,000 clients yearly.

Child & Family Services is committed to achieving service excellence. We strive to accomplish this by making quality improvement an integral part of the agency’s functions. As part of our quality initiatives we monitor operations, and management processes and clinical services we provide to consumers and highlight performance excellence.

Feedback from consumers and staff is valuable and used to enhance our quality efforts. Here are some of the recent improvements we have made to our programs with the input of those we serve.

Pleasant Street Site

  • Hired four new clinicians for our school based and clinic programs.
  • Offering a social communication skills group for teenagers with ASD and developmental delays.
  • We are making building improvements starting with the installation of all new windows in the summer of 2016 and looking to redo all the flooring.

North Street Site

  • Expanded its space to include six new offices and renovated existing offices.
  • Hired a new clinical nurse practitioner, Nami Khwakhali for our medical department which now includes 11 psychiatrists/clinical nurse practitioners.
  • Hired a new nurse, Alyssa Malcolm, RN for our Community Crisis Stabilization Program (CCS).
  • Provide opportunities for clients to get information about resources available in the community through the Resource Learning Center in our CCS Program.

Innovative Services and Partnerships:

Hyannis Site

  • Developed an affiliation with a medical provider practice group, Seaside Pediatrics providing counseling onsite, to better integrate services for clients.
  • Offering tele-psychiatry to our child clients in more remote locations.
  • Professional Development Series-offering continuing education clinical training to community.

Fall River Site

  • Collaborating with United Neighbors for our fifth year bringing Parent Cafes to the Fall River school district. We are in 18 schools and we bring a full catered dinner and an evening full of education, validation and support to address issues of peer pressure and self-care.
  • Our new Parents As Teachers (PAT) program, is a modeled certified program that emphasizes parent-child interaction, development centered parenting, and family well-being. The PAT program works with parents and children up until the child is kindergarten age by doing family centered assessments and following a structured curriculum. Parents and their children are invited to attend monthly group connections where parents have the opportunity to participate in activities with their child and connect with other parents in the area.

           We are currently taking referrals for both our Fall River and New Bedford sites.

“To know you are always here and will never turn us away.”
– Emergency Services

“I think Child & Family Services should get some kind of award for they have always gone the extra mile for me. Always keeping me first and always showing me that I can do it as long as I do the work. Thank you to the staff of Child & Family Services. Excellent job, well done.”
– Adult Behavioral Health Services

“I am so grateful to have found such a good and consistent clinic.”
– Plymouth

“They listened very carefully. Seemed very understanding. Hopefully, helped me get started on the right path.”
– Emergency Services

“All staff were very helpful. They kept me informed, allowed… to leave on occasion, also they helped… understand she was here to get better not because she was sick.”
– Community-Based Acute Treatment