With Determination, Comes Success

“Child & Family has helped me a whole lot, they have helped me tremendously!” stated Gotdry Mills, 52-year-old delightful client of Allison Lentino of our Fall River IHT Program. She has been doing amazing things since receiving therapy here at Child & Family Services.

Gotdry is a mother of two; her daughter, now 33 years old, and her son, 28. She is also a grandmother. “I am blessed,” said Gotdry. She has seen therapists before but as Gotdry says, “Allison came through.” “I want to thank Allison and Child & Family Services for helping me; she is a big, big help.” Gotdry proudly said she learned about self-control and how to not let anger take control of her. She mentioned her family would argue all the time, and now everything has been great and mentioned that they had the best Father’s Day. “I just want my family to be happy,” she concluded.

Ms. Mills says she enjoys keeping busy to stay away from negative energy and refuses to let people bring her down. “I also learned from Allison that I’d rather do positive things than negative things,” she said. Gotdry said she gets excited and calls Allison to tell her all the good news that continues to transpire with her. Currently, she volunteers at several different places. She places calls for Cindy Freidman who is running for State Senate. She has also been helping Fall River City Counselor Richard Cabeceiras with his Mayoral campaign. In May, Ms. Mills’ letter to the editor was posted in the Herald News regarding Mr. Cabeceiras and his candidacy. Gotdry also helps out at the 1199 Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and advocates for higher wages for PCAs. She marched alongside Congressman Joe Kennedy at this year’s Pride Parade.

All of Ms. Mills’ civic engagement has not been unrecognized. Gotdry recently received three volunteer awards from the Coalition for Social Justice (CSJ): Top Volunteer Award, Elizabeth Warren Award, and the Empowerment Activist Award; all of which she diligently worked at.

Overall, Ms. Mills has been doing great things for her family and her community. We applaud her determination to better her life and are proud of her positive endeavors with the intent to climb even higher! Her successes are boundless and we cannot wait to hear more!